Let’s Try This Again

It’s been 3 years since I promised myself I’d start writing. Not with any particular goal in mind except to document my journey. As I sit in church for the Easter Vigil Mass, 30 minutes early, I’m enjoying the quiet. But want to reflect on all these thoughts in my head before the moment passes. The Easter message is so powerful. Regardless of the beliefs surrounding it, the power is there. The idea of rebirth. Starting again. A chance to renew and have a fresh start. I have made a habit of giving something up for Lent, but also taking on a new challenge; learning to live without while also learning what more I have to give. The result is always the same: I am capable of change. And I have much work to do yet. I hope that as the year goes on, as well as in years to come, that I will continue to make more progress. As a Catholic and as a human. The spirit of Easter does not have to end. 


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